Yemen: Former President Saleh reported killed.

Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was ousted from power in 2011, was killed by his former allies, the Houthi rebels, who helped Yemeni military units loyal to Saleh overrun the capital Sanaa in 2014; alliance with Houthis frayed amid suspicions Saleh was leaning towards coalition backing rival Hadi.

A video circulating online purported to show Saleh's body, his eyes open but glassy, motionless with a gaping head wound, as he was being carried in a blanket by rebel fighters chanting "God is great" who then dump him into a pickup truck. Blood stained his shirt under a dark suit.

Circumstances of his death remained unclear but some officials said rebels killed him as he tried to leave the capital. ...

Washington Post:
Ali Abdullah Saleh, the deposed president of Yemen who ruled for more than three decades, has died in the latest outbreak of violence in the country’s civil war, members of Saleh’s political party said Monday.

Saleh’s death was also announced by the Yemeni rebel group that drove him from power in 2011 and then later made an alliance with Saleh’s militia forces. The Associated Press also reported the death. ...