Covenant Lands: Updates

I moved back to Portland at the beginning of 2014, after living in San Francisco for a few years for family reasons. At the beginning of 2017, I moved back to my old building in downtown Portland, and I'm working full-time in IT these days.

So I've been away from blogging for a while, but I mean to find time to start posting regularly again. When I first started posting at this blog (then called Dreams Into Lightning) some thirteen years ago, the big stories were chiefly in the Middle East, specifically Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran.

A lot has happened in those thirteen years. I still follow the Middle East closely - in fact, I had the opportunity to visit Iraqi Kurdistan in April of 2015. I'm now also following events in Africa, and I visited Kenya and Uganda in 2016.

But I'm also paying a lot of attention to events closer to home. The election of President Donald Trump unleashed a wave of destructive and sometimes violent leftist riots in many left-leaning cities, including Portland and San Francisco. Conservatives and their allies - including the Patriot Prayer organization - responded with rallies in those same cities. It is, literally, a battle for control of the streets, and it's still ongoing.

I joined the pro-Trump patriots in the June 4 rally in Portland; my friend Andy Ngo covered the rallies for National Review, and reported on Chadwick Moore's appearance at Portland State University.

There's a lot more that I want to write about politics and free speech, and about how my understanding of the world has developed and evolved since I started blogging in 2004. (I also post at Lightning Times, formerly Dreams Into Lightning 2, on current news items.) But for now I'm going to leave you with Liberty Wolf on the cancelled San Francisco rally:

Today my beautiful old hometown San Francisco celebrated mob rule and the death of freedom of speech. Congratulations San Francisco! On the urging of your corrupt political class, including Mayor Lee and Nancy Pelosi, you ran a ragged bunch of black men, Latino men, a white woman, a Muslim woman, a Samoan, and assorted other “white supremacists” out of town. How brave, how courageous, how righteous. What a very sad day and what a silly bunch of people. ...