World Today: 2013-11-20

Australia's foreign minister will be in Washington for talks on Asian / Pacific relations. And: 'It is likely Australian officials will ask their US counterparts if they can expect more damaging leaks from the NSA, said Ely Ratner, the author of a report from the Centre for a New American Security on how the US can sustainably increase its military presence in Australia and the region.'

Europe joins the drone club. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian spoke in Brussels about Europe's drone-capable nations, presently including France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rei says Egypt to get Russian arms. The deal will give Egypt parity with Israel; Russia is said to have offered "flexibility" in payment terms.

Liberman: Israel needs allies, not painful concessions. He spoke of lessons learned from the Gaza disengagement, and said Israel needs to look beyond the US for alliances.

ABC News poll: Youth reject Obama, Obamacare. Meanwhile, linguist John McWhorter at CNN observes that 'on Obamacare, we face the awkward fact that the right wing has not been completely vanquished in its quest to vilify the program with a name.' Obama, Obamacare - which one is a greater liability to the other? It's a puzzler.