Roundup: Germany, Pakistan, Syria

German government agrees on fiscal treaty. 'The main opposition parties have agreed to support Chancellor Angela Merkel's economic measures for stability in the eurozone. The deal aims to cut back public debt but also boost growth and employment. Following a meeting with Merkel's conservative coalition on Thursday, the opposition Social Democrats and Green party announced they would support plans paving the way for the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). They said they had reached an agreement to boost growth and create more jobs in the eurozone, as well as curb debt and implement tighter controls. ..'

What to do about Pakistan. 'The United States should continue to engage Pakistan where possible. The United States has no doubt learned that there is little it can do to bolster domestic stability in Pakistan. As the most recent governance crisis unfolds, there are few in Washington who harbor any belief that the United States can still help transform Pakistan. There is an increasing acknowledgement that the United States must engage the Pakistan that is rather than the Pakistan that is desired. ...' Embassies yes; fighter sales no.

"The wounded will be killed." Foreign Policy's Robert King visits a Free Syrian Army field hospital. 'I asked the doctor, "Can't they go to the state hospital?" And he said, "They'll kill the wounded. They stop them at the checkpoints." Because they're viewed as terrorists. You're living in enemy territory so you're the enemy. ...'

Eric Allen Bell on The Glazov Gang. Video at the link.