Afternoon Roundup

Atlas: Obama shuns Lech Walesa. 'Walesa is not perfect, but he stood up to communism and Russian imperialism. ...' Read the rest at the link.

Jamie Glazov on the Left's Jihadist romance. 'Frontpage’s editor Jamie Glazov appeared on GBTV on May 30 to discuss the Unholy Alliance between the radical Left and Islamic Jihad. Host Erick Stakelbeck filled in for Glenn Beck.' Go there for the video. Jamie Glazov is the author of United In Hate.

Kobrin: The mosque as mother. 'Our current Salman Rushdie is the young courageous Iranian rapper Shahin Nafaji, now in hiding in Germany who has received a death threat because he wrote lyrics to his song Naqi. However, I contend it is the album cover, which broke the proverbial camel’s back of the Mahdists. The cover depicts the dome of the mosque of the 8th Shia Imam as a female breast with a rainbow flag “a la sexual diversity” as a thin impotent phallic minaret arising out of the nimple! A picture speaks a thousand words. ...' Go to the link for the rest of Kobrin's analysis - Freudian analysis, to be exact.