Morning Report: 2010-09-01

Obama marks end of Iraq combat mission. MSNBC: 'President Barack Obama set the tone for changing the role without fanfare, making clear in a major speech on Iraq on Tuesday that this was no victory celebration.' Full article at the link. At Commentary, Peter Wehner thinks the "most damage" was done on the subject of Afghanistan, while Max Boot is more charitable.

UN Chief Ban condemns the terrorist murder of four Israelis. Arutz Sheva: 'UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday called Tuesday's terror attack near Kiryat Arba in which four Israelis were shot and killed a "blatant attempt" to derail upcoming peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, AFP reported. "The secretary-general condemns the killing of four Israeli citizens in the West Bank on 31 August," Ban's spokesman said in a statement.'

Commentary. Iranian expat Winston at The Spirit of Man has some thoughts on Iraq:
President George W. Bush must be smiling today. He must be proud too.

It is the eve of "Operation New Dawn" in Iraq. The day that the Iraqi people will finally become somewhat independent of US combat forces and will fully gain the control of their country. Just like S. Korea, Germany, Italy and Japan where US presence has secured safety and freedom, a US presence in Iraq will also be necessary for some time to come. Though the former US ambassador 'Ryan Crocker' also believes Iraq still needs the America's enduring support and engagement. Of course, the Iranian regime will always be trying to duplicate its Lebanon style plots in Iraq dividing the country. Therefore that's just one solid reason to keep the US military there for now. But the point of this entry today is not about the strategic weight of today's developments. It is just about emotions.

Today I am cheerful and again envious. I had this same feeling once before: When the former US led 'Coalition Provisional Authority' transferred sovereign authority to the Iraqi interim government on June 28th, 2004. That day I was in Iran and was filled with joy and envy. It's difficult to describe how we, in Iran, felt as we saw the liberation of Iraq. ...

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