Republicans Win Big in Atlantic States

B. Daniel Blatt at Gay Patriot: Governor-elect Christie declares victory.
I do hope the president is listening to this speech, especially where he said that he doesn’t want the government to fix every problem. His supporters cheered that line heartily. He promises to turn the state capital upside down.

He talk about cutting taxes, spending and onerous regulation.

A lot of good stuff in this speech, sounds like my kind of Republican.

Gay Patriot: McDonnell's margin biggest for GOP in Virginia history.
It looks like Bob McDonnell is running ahead of George Allen’s tally in 1993 when that good man enjoyed the largest margin of any Republican in the history of the Commonwealth.

UPDATE: McDonnnell won Fairfax County by a whisker, 51-49. This is a very big deal, very big.

Republican takes New York's Westchester County.

But fellow Gay Patriot blogger ColoradoPatriot has some concerns.

Neo-Neocon has some thoughts:
It was a good night for the Republicans, a bad night for Obama and liberal Democrats. Especially in New Jersey.

Obama will never admit it. But will he take it to heart? I doubt it. It will be full steam ahead on the agenda, and the same for Pelosi (and to a lesser extent Reid), who will attempt to twist the resistant Blue Dog arms (or is it legs?) ever more forcibly. Should be interesting.

If same sex marriage can’t win in places like California and now Maine, then its day hasn’t quite come. However, I do think that, with the next generation coming up, it’s just a matter of time. ...