Iran Update: 2009-07-12

A little late in coming, but here's a couple of links to posts on the 18 Tir (July 9) protests and other recent events in Iran and the Iranian world.

"Buy yourself some ice cream." The Spirit of Man has video of a group of people gathering in western Tehran and being politely asked to disperse by the local police. TSOM emphasizes that the ordinary street cops aren't the enemy here:

I've heard/read so many times about police officers not wanting to beat up people or engage in street clashes. I've heard/seen that only Basijis and plain-clothed thugs attack and kill people mercilessly. And what we see in this short clip may confirm that police do not want to be violent. These regular police agents live in that country and I doubt that things happening around them have started to affect them as well. They're underpaid and not well taken care of. Their main body is consisted of conscripts and they hate their jobs for all I know. They live in the very same country and they can not be against the will of their brothers and sisters. I hope these signs of crack among regime's security apparatus grow bigger and deeper. Only if regular army starts to protect people next time Basijis shoot into the crowds or IRGC refuse orders to massacre people. That'll be the end of the mullahs.

Sohrab Erabi dies in Evin. Azarmehr has the bad news:

19 Year old Sohrab Erabi, one of the thousands of protesters who have been imprisoned, has died while in custody in Evin prison. Sohrab had passed his university exam entrance this year and would have enrolled as an undergraduate student in September. He was arrested on Saturday 20th June and taken to Evin prison.

Dream until your dream comes true. Also from Azarmehr, a video tribute to the Iranian people who have risked and sacrificed so much in the struggle for freedom.

Commentary. Beginning today, my semi-regular Morning Report feature will be replaced with Iran-focused roundups like this one. Additionally, Dreams Into Lightning will focus mainly on Iran-related events for the foreseeable future.