Iran Report: 2009-07-13

Iran report, 22 Tir 1388. Social networking spies, tempers ablaze in Tehran, and disgraceful deal-making.

Iran's Facebook police. NPR:

A trusted colleague - who is married to an Iranian-American and would thus prefer to stay anonymous - has told me of a very disturbing episode that happened to her friend, another Iranian-American, as she was flying to Iran last week. On passing through the immigration control at the airport in Tehran, she was asked by the officers if she has a Facebook account. When she said "no", the officers pulled up a laptop and searched for her name on Facebook. They found her account and noted down the names of her Facebook friends.

Khomeini, Khamenei pictures burned in Tehran. Via Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi on the infamous Facebook, 37 beautiful seconds of a poster of the theocrats being torched, to cheers of "Marg ba diktator!"

Terrorists for journalists. The Belmont Club comments on a reported swap of suspected Qods Force hostages for detained journalist Roxana Saberi.