Morning Report: 2008-11-05

Americans elect Obama. CNN: 'Sen. John McCain on Tuesday urged all Americans to join him in congratulating Sen. Barack Obama on his projected victory in the presidential election.'

Mosul mayor meets with Iraqi National Police commander to discuss security. MNF-Iraq: 'The Mosul mayor, Ameer Jihad, and Maj. Gen. Mohammed of the 3rd National Police Division met Nov. 3, to discuss common issues about municipal services concerns and joint efforts in the city. During a meeting and visit through the city, the NPs agreed to use engineer assets to assist with traffic flow in the city and also to conduct joint missions with the Iraqi Police.'

Evin hardships. From BameAzadi - English: 'According to the received news on Evin prison, at the night of November 2, there was a conflict and scuffle between prisoners and authorities of prison in various sections of the prison. Although the winter is coming and the weather of Evin which is located in mountainside in northwest of Tehran, is so cold but authorities of Prison took evil advantage of this matter to annoy and torture political prisoners, they turned off all heaters of prison and made a very cold place for prisoners. According to the words of some prisoners; the intensity of cold is such that bodies of some prisoners like Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi, who was affected by physical weakness because of previous pressures and tortures, have been numbed and are unable to move. That night the prisoners set fire to their blankets because of cold and showed their protest to authorities in this way.' Persian language page for BeA is here.