Morning Report: December 18, 2007

A murder in the West Bank casts shadows in Jerusalem, an American reflects on his party's - and his country's - future, and fresh water flows in Iraq. Finally, an Iranian activist reminds us of the common enemy.

Return on investment. IRIS:
One month ago, on the day Israel approved the delivery of a Jordanian weapons shipment to the Palestinian Authority (including two million bullets), I wrote:

How many Jews (and Arabs) has Olmert just consigned to be murdered?

Today there is documentation of the first murder from that weapons cache:

The terrorists who killed Ido Zoldan near Kedumim in the West Bank last month used weapons the PA received from Jordan with Israel's approval, a government official said Monday.

The three members of the terrorist cell were members of the PA security forces.

GayPatriotWest on GOP. Gay Patriot:
The volatility of this race suggests that our party is still looking for a leader and a platform to bring us together after the lack of focus of Bush’s second term. Let us hope that the candidate who leads the pack after “Super Duper Tuesday” can unite the party of Lincoln and Goldwater as Ronald Reagan did now nearly twenty-years ago..

While it may appear now that none of the leading GOP candidates can unite the party, we should note that at the outset of the 1980 campaign, many Republicans were wary of the former California Governor. Then-President Carter was supposedly delighted at his nomination, believing him to be easy to beat.

Should our nominee next year succeed as did the Gipper, then not only will the tale of the GOP nomination battle be a story of our party’s search for itself, but also of the nation’s search for itself.

Go to the link for the whole thing.

Soldiers open well in al Wardiya. MNF-Iraq:
FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER — Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment joined local leaders and Iraqi Security Forces at a well opening in Al Wardiya Dec. 14.

Leaders from the 1-15th Inf. Regt. worked with local leaders for four months to construct the well and provide a long-term, reliable source of water for the community which had long dealt with water distribution problems.

“The contractor performed exceptionally and the facility is extremely well done,” said Capt. Matt Givens, from Columbus, Ga., the civil-military operations officer for the 1-15th Inf. Regt. “The facility is currently producing water for the people of al-Wardiya.”

Commentary. For a few words of reflection I'll just take you on over to The Spirit of Man:
Iranian embassies and diplomatic missions around the world are not just diplomatic centers. They're evil places run, mostly, by the former IRGC officers currently disguised as diplomats that keep an eye on the Iranian immigrants, opposition groups and anti-regime institutions as well as trying to obtain weapons for the mullahs and recruit future terrorists. That's how incidents like Berlin's Mykonos murder, Bombing of the Jewish center in Argentina or crisis after crisis in Lebanon...etc can happen. Iranian regime sponsors Terrorism around the world and these religious freaks must be the main source of concern for any sane person that might be worried about the peace and stability around the world.

It ain't matter if you're a hardcore liberal, socialist, a conservative, a Jew or a Christian or even an tree-hugging-green-voting vegetarian environmentalist, this regime is against any thing you are or you believe in. The Islamic regime of Iran is against homosexuals, against women's and children's rights, and it is not doing any thing to protect the rich environment of the country, it jails its own people who may question its legitimacy, it kills dissidents who publish stuff against the regime's system of beliefs. How on earth can a sane person of any creed, belief or ethnicity defend this regime? Join us in our struggle against this regime for your own sake. ...