Posting Break

I'm going to go to light-posting mode on the political front for a couple of weeks, probably through the end of November, due to busy life in the family, work, and creative departments.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to visit the friends on my sidebar.

Here on the Blogger site, you can view the DiL archives going all the way back to April 2004. If you go to the right-hand sidebar and scroll way down, you can find "MISSED OPPORTUNITIES:Important posts from Dreams Into Lightning" which links to some of my better posts. I consider Journey to America some of my best work. To find out where those rotating headlines come from, and for other trivia, visit the About page (DiL at Blogger).

Currently, my ongoing creative projects include the Gilkesh Language, the Gilkesh Encyclopedia, and The Queen's Courtesan, a serial story of romance and intrigue set in the Gilkesh universe.

You can read my other writing at the fiction tag. "The Rose of Paradise" is based on the creation story in Genesis, and "The Zero Ring" is loosely based on King Lear.

My greatest inspiration in writing has been my sister Stephanie (1964-1992), who is never far from my thoughts. You can read her writing at Wilderness Vision, Iridescence, and Stephanie Online.

To see some really great work by the artist in my life, go pay a visit to Georgianne Fastaia at BadfishStudios.

That's all for now. See you soon.