Morning Report: November 29, 2007

Dirty bombs and dirty tricks lead today's roundup.

Uranium powder plot busted in Slovakia. AP via Fox: 'Two Hungarians and a Ukrainian arrested in an attempted sale of uranium were peddling material enriched enough to be used in a radiological "dirty bomb," Slovak authorities said Thursday. First Slovak Police Vice President Michal Kopcik said the three suspects, who were arrested Wednesday afternoon in eastern Slovakia and Hungary, had just under half a pound of uranium in powder form that investigators believe came from somewhere in the former Soviet Union.'

Log Cabin Democrat. Via Gay Patriot, The Corner posts CNN's statement on Keith Kerr, his background, and his presence at the Republican debate:
Following the debate, CNN learned that retired brigadier general Keith Kerr served on Clinton's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender steering committee.

CNN Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of the debate, David Bohrman, says, "We regret this incident. CNN would not have used the General's question had we known that he was connected to any presidential candidate."

Prior to the debate, CNN had verified his military background and that he had not contributed any money to any presidential candidate.

Following the debate, Kerr told CNN that he's done no work for the Clinton campaign. He says he is a member of the Log Cabin Republicans and was representing no one other than himself.

It's not entirely clear at the moment what the retired officer's rank is; most sources list him as a brigadier general but the text of the Fox News story identifies him as a colonel. According to the Fox article,
The retired officer said his activities with the Clinton campaign are minimal. He receives e-mails from the campaign and has been invited to a fundraiser in San Francisco. He said he offered to pay "some token amount like 100 bucks" to attend the fundraiser, but as of yet has given no contribution.

"I have not done any work. Several friends asked me if I would allow my name to be listed and I agreed. She's been such a strong advocate for gay rights," he told CNN on Thursday.

He added that he had been a Log Cabin Republican for a long time and recently changed from Republican to independent in California. He said he had supported the GOP but "these guys are just partisanly homophobic."

Hot Air adds (and I agree): "Just identify the guy, CNN. His question’s perfectly fair. And, apropos of nothing, Hunter’s answer is awful."

Israeli girl takes top honor in world chess. JTA: 'An Israeli girl won a world chess contest. Marsel Efroimski came first in Wednesday's final round of the World Youth Chess Championship in the under-12 girls category. Marsel, 12, was introduced to chess by her grandfather in her hometown of Kfar Sava and has been competing internationally for three years. Her parents immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union. More than 1,500 players from 103 countries participated in the World Youth Chess Championship, which took place in Kemer, Turkey.'

New IDF policy makes all Hamas a target. Arutz Sheva: 'The attack on a Hamas terrorist position in Khan Yunis Wednesday afternoon which killed two was the first sign of a new IDF policy regarding Gaza terrorists. Military sources told Maariv/NRG that from now on, the IAF will attack a random Hamas target in Gaza every time a mortar shell or rocket hits an Israeli community, and will no longer limit itself to striking the terrorists who launched the rockets. They said that the IDF has now established that Hamas is behind all of the terror emanating from Gaza and will thus retaliate against Hamas targets regardless of which organization takes credit for terror attacks.'

Commentary. Both the suspected dirty bomb plot and the Democratic sympathizer at the GOP debate are breaking stories, so I'm not going to try to comment on either one until there's more information available.