... or 216-373-1461 (according to my caller ID) wants me to call them back and (presumably) give them a whole bunch of money or else some really bad things might start happening. Someone identifying herself as Special Investigator Jennifer Waters left a message on my voice mail saying something unintelligible about a legal complaint (apparently in Lazarus County, wherever that is) and that if I didn't respond within 48 hours they'd do all kinds of scary stuff like maybe even put out a warrant for my arrest. Ooooh scary! And when I call back I need to give that magic case number OBJ6770, that's OBJ-6770, write it down!

I wonder if Special Investigator Jennifer Waters knows that she sounds a lot less credible with the noise of a "boiler room" call center in the background?

Actually (and this is probably more information than you, dear reader, really needed to know), there've been times in my life when I found myself falling a wee bit behind in my financial obligations; or when, for some other reason, some other party felt that they had grounds to file some sort of legal action against me. (This isn't one of those times.) Anyway, none of them left detailed messages on my voice mail (the most they'll do is say "This is [name of agency] with an important call for [name of debtor]"), none of them left a seven-digit phone number (is 216 an area code or a local prefix), and none of them was a "Special Investigator" so special they sat at a cubicle in a room full of other "special investigators".

Anyway, I'm not losing too much sleep over this ... and it looks like I'm in good company. Here are some other folks' experiences with 216-363-1641:
tired - 28 Jul 2007
Left message threatening civil suit litigation if no response in 48 hours. Name of company indistinct -- Worldwide something locators-- and phone number to call back indistinct--216 393-9240?
Caller ID: 216-393-9240
Caller: Worldwide something Locators
Rating: 0
BTDT - 2 Aug 2007
These people are scam artists. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. THey will do and say what they can to let you think they are legit, but obviously they are not. This scum buys OLD OLD collections and then decides to call to see who they find is stupid enough to fall for it. They use an address that is also used by at least 15 other company names. If you answer and talk to them, tell them to SERVE YOU!!
Rating: 0
mad - 9 Aug 2007
got a phone call from 216-373-1461 he said he was a lead investigator and I needed to call 216-393-0456 and give them a case # he provided. Nicole Morgan stated I was being charged with a class E felony and something else for failure to pay a c.c. that I have NEVER owned, I contacted the c.c. company and they have no record of me, and no record of an account # that Nicole gave to me. My research with the Ohio BBB is Robery (Robert) Goldstein is too new for complaints, but NAAIB with same address and phone # has numerous compliants that they have not responded too.

Caller ID: 216-373-1461
Caller: Robert Goldstein
Caller Type: Collection Agency
Rating: 0
sciencegal - 19 Aug 2007
I also received a call from these people. Their tactics so intimidated me that I agreed to a settlement and gave my banking information to them. After I settled down, I decided to cancel that check. I am glad I decided to research this number.
Caller ID: unkown name
Caller: worldwide
Rating: 0
mad - 22 Aug 2007
check out the postings from the number 216-393-0456 from the same company
Rating: 0
Tennessee - 6 Sep 2007
I did the same thing because they were talking about a warrant for my arrest would be filed. That very same day I gave my banking info was the same day I switched my account. These people will try to milk you dry. Do not give them any money!!!!