Morning Report: July 29, 2007

A guy in Tehran looks for a fight he can't win, while some folks in Washington want their own military to lose.

Strategy Page: Iran looking for a fight. Strategy Page: 'Ahmadinejad has made a fool of himself, with his constant calls for the destruction of Israel and, worse yet, claims that he would turn the economy around and reduce corruption. Ahmadinejad has been inept in running the economy, and has made things worse. He has not been able to make a dent in the corruption, because so many of the dirty officials are senior clerics. ... The grass roots support Ahmadinejad has is largely gone. People openly mock him in the streets. ... As a result of this, Coalition troops in the area are on their guard for provocations by the Iranians. The kidnapping of fifteen British troops earlier this year was but one of several attempts to grab foreign troops, and try to trigger a military response. Increasing Iranian support for Iraqi terrorists is another attempt to provoke an attack. So is the continued Iranian work on nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad must next face election in 2009, but if he loses a few key supporters among the senior clergy, he might just be made to disappear before that.'

Wearable IED jammers. Also from Strategy Page: 'The United States has ordered hundreds of additional wearable CREW (counter radio-controlled IED electronic warfare) jammers. Earlier this year, the U.S. ordered 10,000 of the new CREW jammers (for defeating roadside bombs). CREW is a further development of the first jammer, the Warlock, which appeared in 2003. Warlock is currently the most common jammer in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Warlock has gone through many revisions, to add more frequencies and better software.' Read the full article at the link.

Terrorist training camp destroyed. MNF-Iraq: 'F-16 Fighting Falcons from the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing here destroyed an al-Qaida training camp southwest of Baghdad July 21. In a coordinated attack, joint air terminal controllers on the ground cleared seven F-16s to drop 500-pound and 1,000-pound guided bombs on the terror complex near Karbala. The precision-guided weapons destroyed the target, degrading al-Qaida's ability to mount attacks on the Iraqi government, coalition forces and innocent civilians. The destruction of the terrorist facility is part of aggressive and comprehensive operations to hunt down, capture or kill terrorists trying to prevent a peaceful and stable Iraq, said Col. Charles Moore, the 332nd Expeditionary Operations Group commander.'

Seven terrorists killed, one detained near Muqudadiyah. MNF-Iraq: 'Coalition Forces killed seven terrorists and detained one suspected terrorist during an operation near Muqudadiyah July 25-26. As Coalition Forces approached the targeted area, which was a previously assaulted terrorist stronghold, the assault force and airborne assets observed several armed terrorists maneuvering through the village and occupying fighting positions. Coalition Forces responded appropriately to the imminent threat posed by the organized hostile force and engaged the terrorists with direct fire and close air support. Five terrorists were killed due to close air support strafing and two terrorists were killed by direct fire from ground forces. Coalition Forces later discovered a woman who was injured by shrapnel from the air strike against the group of terrorists. A Coalition Forces medic attended to her until she was transported to a military medical facility for treatment.'

Commentary. Here's Tom the Redhunter:
Ralph Peters has it just about right, I think, when he says that " to a military professional, the tactical progress made in Iraq over the last few months is impressive." Based on most of the stories I've read he seems on target. We all know that we lost a lot of ground in 2006, and that Gen Casey's plan to secure Baghdad in October 2006, Operation Together Forward, didn't work. Now, however, we seem to have a game plan that works.

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