Morning Report: June 11, 2007

Libya has second thoughts about chemical weapons, while other minds are occupied with weapons of a more exotic nature.

Libya may back out of chemical arms deal. Bald-Headed Geek spots this story: 'Libya, citing cost and liability concerns, has informed the United States of plans to back out of a contract to destroy its mustard gas stocks as promised under a landmark 2003 agreement, U.S. officials said. The State Department played down the development and insisted Tripoli remains committed to getting rid of its chemical weapons agents.' Well, State would say that, wouldn't they? BHG says, 'I don't suppose that this could have anything to do with our rapid backtracking to the Bush 41 Foreign Policy, right down to the pressuring of Israel while lavishing praise and aid on the Arab states. ...' Nah, that couldn't be it.

Never leave your ... oh, never mind. The gay bomb story has been kicking around the blogosphere for at least a year, but Reason claims it broke on Friday. Well, okay, let's go with it. What about military women? Did anybody invent a "lesbian bomb"? I'm betting that would make some people happy.

Remarks. Morning Report will be going on a short hiatus. I want to focus on some other posts I've been planning to write (here at DiL and elsewhere); also I am traveling to San Francisco for a couple of weeks and preparing to move to SF by the end of the summer. I'll post more about this in an update, but I'm mentioning it here for the benefit of the folks who tune in to read Morning Report.