A number of recent developments in my personal life will likely have an effect on the shape of Dreams Into Lightning.  I'll go into more detail later (don't worry, it's all good stuff) but the bottom line is that I'm going to focus on using my blogging time more effectively and finding innovative ways to enhance the quality of this weblog.

For most of the last three years I've been posting mainly on a Mac in the Safari browser.  When Apple came out with Tiger, I started using the built-in RSS feature, and got hooked on RSS.  Now I'm trying to broaden my computer proficiency a little bit and I divide my time about equally between my two Macs and two PCs.  (A dual-core G5 PowerMac, a G4 PowerBook, a Toshiba Satellite, and a dual-cor HP Compaq.)  I'm making the switch over from Safari (and Explorer, which I used occasionally) to Firefox. 

Some friends clued me in to the option of online feed aggregators, and I've set up an account with Google Reader, which will probably take the place of Safari's RSS when I read and post.  I'm still getting used to composing in Firefox.  I have to say I don't like it quite as well as Safari for composing html, but the net advantages will probably come out in Fx's favor.  Meanwhile, please bear with me if you see glitches in the formatting of the posts.

I'm still mostly a novice at html, but planning to develop some more proficiency there too.  I didn't know what a bold tag was when I started blogging; now I know enough to compose a post, but not much more.  So I started a web page - got an account at a free hosting service, downloaded FTP clients (StaffFTP for Windows, Cyberduck for Mac ... with a name like Cyberduck, you know it's going to be for Mac), and started playing around with header fonts and RGB hexcodes.  I have Adobe GoLive for editing, too, but I'm probably not going to use it right away.

That's probably more information than you needed to know, but my point (and I do have one) is that I'm always looking for ways to improve the quality and functionality of DiL.  And here's one new item I can offer you tonight:  selected items from my Google News Reader, which I'm calling News1@DiL.  You are cordially invited to bookmark the link.