Gay Equality Legislation Moves Forward in Oregon

Basic Rights Oregon: Senate passes SB2, now on to the House.
75% of Oregon Senators said YES to equality, NO to discrimination based on sexual orientation!
Today the State Senate moved Oregon another step closer to basic fairness by passing Senate Bill 2, the Oregon Equality Act. In a vote of 21 to 7, Senators declared a resounding YES to equality, and a resounding NO to discrimination.

"This is a great beginning to a historic legislative session," said Aisling Coghlan, Interim Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon. "The Senate clearly agrees with the majority of Oregonians, that discrimination based on sexual orientation is wrong and should be against state law."

Immediately after the vote, Senate President Peter Courtney said, "After an extraordinary debate, the Oregon State Senate came together again to show that equality is not a partisan issue".

Statewide law banning discrimination was first proposed in 1973, and has been proposed in nearly every legislative session since then. ...

Log Cabin Republicans - Oregon alert.
Right now your elected officials are debating two historic bills to advance equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Oregonians.

The Oregon Equality Act (SB 2) would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Oregon. And the Oregon Family Fairness Act (HB 2007) would legally recognize same-sex couples and provide them and their families with important protections, rights and responsibilities.

Social conservatives have made stopping both these bills a top priority for 2007. Already they are flooding the state capitol with hundreds of anti-equality calls and letters.

Your State Representative needs to hear from you today that you support both SB 2 and HB 2007! Make a call or send an email today! ...