Free Kareem!

Egyptian blogger Nabeel Abdul Kareem was recently arrested by state security. Arab bloggers sound off.

Freedom for Egyptians, November 7:
Egyptian Blogger Nabeel Abdul Kareem was arrested by state security for the second time a couple of days ago. Looks like the state security wants to celebrate with Kareem his first anniversary of his first detention. Same month last year Kareem was arrested for writing about Alexandria's sectarian violence. He was a witness to the violence in the city he lives in.

He is 22 years old. He can never be more expressive and vibrant. If he cannot say all what he wants to say at this age, when will he be able to? Not everyone agrees with what Kareem says or writes about, but this does not mean that he should be charged with such horrific charges like being threat to state security, defaming Egypt or insulting religious instuitions...etc.

I did not know that a blog can be used to defame an entire country and nation! ...

Big Pharaoh:
Controversial student blogger Abdul karim Suliman Amer, known as "Kareem Amer", was arrested for the second time by the state security police. It seems that this time they are determined to put Abdul Karim behind bars and we'll have to start the "free abdul karim" campaign one more time. I am starting to become very worried about internet freedom of speech in Egypt especially after the state knew how powerful blogs can be after they exposed the mass sexual harassment incident in downtown Cairo.

Mohammed at Iraq the Model:
Abdul Kareem is an "Azhari" who was dismissed and punished for his rejection of the old ways and for his work to free his mind and the minds of others from the prison of obsolete traditions and doctrines.

Abdul Kareem does not represent a majority in the lands of sands but he stands as a hope; a hope for Egypt and a hope for me here in Iraq and for you out there who support reform and open mindedness. People like him work to turn our societies into civilized societies that appreciate liberty and respect the right of the other to be different.

Ritzy Mabrouk adds her voice.
And Miss Mabrouk has more:
A security official has confirmed that blogger Abdel Kareem is once again held by state security. I pray for him. He is in trouble for posting comments critical of Al Azhar, the country´s Islamic authority. They ought to be tolerant and have faith that if God have a problem with anyone, he will hand out the punishment himself. Of course, the issue is not merely theological to them, it is about power.

Once again are religious institutions confusing themselves with God: instead of seeing that they are part of the problem, they interpret any criticism of the institution as criticism of God. Such confusion, at least in my ears, is blasphemy. The reaction of the authorities, the religious and the state security, is a sign of weakness: they fail to provide the arguments or set good examples, so they resort to power.

Petition: Release Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (English page)

Kareem's blog: Karam903 (Arabic)

Commentary. I've signed the petition and sent a message to the Egyptian embassy in Washington, DC, at the links provided by Mohammed. It only takes a second; I urge you to do the same.