Alias "shoshanna"

I never intended to publish my political blog under a pseudonym. When I first set up my Blogger account, my idea was to publish my political blog - this one - under my real name, and a creative blog under a screen name. I started with my creative blog, and chose the name "shoshanna" as my screen name because I liked the sound and I liked the association with the Song of Songs. What I didn't realize was that Blogger would apply the same display name globally across all the blogs on my account. (For those of you who must know, I am biologically male; I used a feminine name because it better fits my personality.) Also, Shoshanna has the same gematria (Hebrew numerology) as Esther, who is one of my biblical heroes.

To avoid confusing my readers I've now changed my display name to reflect my real name (which has always been public).

We now return to regular posting.