Morning Report: September 7, 2006

US Army hands over control in Iraq. Gateway Pundit: 'In a ceremony today in Baghdad Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki took control of the Iraqi army in a major step forward for the fledgling democracy of Iraq.' Read the rest at the link. (Gateway Pundit)

Gay Patriot: Bush's fault. Gay Patriot has a list of things you can blame on President George W. Bush. (Gay Patriot)

Seeking a united vision. Mohammed at Iraq the Model:
What concerns me here while we are amid this continuous confrontation on the first front of war on terror is the world's position from this war. When I say Iraq is the first front in this war, I mean what I say and it's not a personal opinion but it's what the leaders of al-Qaeda have said and it's what the acts and intentions of terror-supporting regimes have proven through rejecting the democratic change in Iraq and siding with al-Qaeda to make Iraq fail by all means they have. Such regimes have been providing terrorism with financial, logistic and media aid showing clearly that their goal is one which is not allowing a plural democratic power from emerging in the middle east since that is also a common threat to both, totalitarian regimes and the ideology of terrorism.

Looking at how many free countries deal with this war disappoints me, their failure to form a united front to deal with the challenge and hesitation in addressing the magnitude of the threat has reflected negatively on us who have chosen freedom and pluralism and rejected totalitarianism and extremism.

Read the rest at the link. Omar thinks the flags can wait. (ITM)