Morning Report: September 11, 2006

Five years on.

Gay Patriot remembers James Joe Ferguson. Gay Patriot:
The last time we had dinner, Joe told my partner John and I about how much he was looking forward to being a part of the bicentennial of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Typically, I found myself jealous of him. In his role as Director of Geographic Education at the National Geographic Society, Joe had one of the most unique and rewarding jobs I can ever imagine having.

He traveled around the world, bringing American school children face-to-face with the natural wonders of our Earth. He was not only a teacher but also provided a critical turning point for these kids, many of whom had never before left their own neighborhoods. Joe provided the path for these students to experience things that many of us never will in our entire lives. In addition, he got to travel to the four corners of the globe. How rewarding that must have been. How do I sign up for that job?

I got an email from Joe on Thursday, September 6, 2001 ...

Kesher Talk: Never again. Kesher Talk has a roundup.

Neo: The watershed. Neo-Neocon:
What were the main assumptions that had died in that instant for me? They had to do with a sense of basic long-term safety. Some utterly fearful thing that had seemed contained before, although vaguely threatening, had now burst from its constraints. It was like being plunged into something dark and ancient that had also suddenly been grafted onto modern technology and jet planes--Huns or Mongols or Genghis Khan or Vlad the Impaler or Hector being dragged behind Achilles' chariot--a thousand swirling vague but horrific impressions from an ancient history I'd never paid all that much attention to before. ...

Gateway Pundit on Marine Sgt. Jason Thomas. Gateway Pundit:
"I'm not a hero. I'm far from a hero. Those men who ran up in there are the heroes, whether it be law enforcement guys, fire department guys or even volunteers and coworkers. Those are the heroes."
Sergeant Jason Thomas
US Marine who helped find a pair of police officers buried in the rubble at the World Trade Center on 9-11.

WCBS-TV in New York carried this story of a no longer anonymous hero from the World Trade Center attacks on 9-11:

For years, authorities wondered about the identity of a U.S. Marine who appeared at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, helped find a pair of police officers buried in the rubble, then vanished. ...

Tammy Bruce: Michael Ledeen rembmbers Barbara Olsen. Tammy Bruce: 'Michael Ledeen's moving tribute to Barbara (via PJM), and his unmitigated critique of where we are (or more accurately, are not) five years after 9/11, is one of your must reads for this 5 year anniversary of the horrible event that took so many.' Here's Michael Ledeen:
It seems at least a decade ago, and I am still angry, maybe even angrier. 9/11/01 was the day they killed Barbara Olson, one of Barbara Ledeen’s closest friends, and we have yet to take proper vengeance. ...

Atlas Shrugs: Before and after. Atlas Shrugs: 'Lifeboat is an extraordinay organization desperately in need of funds. Their objective is to save humanity. If you could, please make a donation. With the world basically ignoring Iran's development of nuclear weapons, and with virtually no effort being put into halting the spread of biological weapons, the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place and few are noticing this fact.'

Sandmonkey remembers. "In remembrance of the day that changed the world."

Beth Mauldin: Still angry. Beth's Contradictory Brain:
I'm still really sad, very angry, and mostly frustrated.

I still shed tears at the drop of a hat, but especially when I see images from that terrible day, or hear transcripts or phone calls to loved ones. I hate imagining what the people on those airplanes went through.

I'm at the office today where I work alone and have only a few patients all day. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe it'd be better if I were around more people - more distracted. But I think I'd rather not be distracted from my sadness today.

CNN.com is running it's broadcasts from that morning, I can't watch it, and not just because I'm at work and not at home. I don't think I could watch it at home, but maybe...

There's much I'm angry about. I'm angry that we haven't had more resolve to attack our enemies. I'm angry that so many on the left just don't seem to get who the enemy even is. I'm angry that our media is so full of shit in such important times.

But I try not to let the anger and sadness ruin my basic optimism. ...

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