Morning Report: August 13, 2006

At home and abroad. War scenes from all over.

"Nazi kikes out of Lebanon." Via Solomonia, Zombie brings us the latest enlightened discourse from liberal, peace-loving San Francisco. (Zombie via Solomonia)

From the shooting gallery: Michael J. Totten. Michael Totten:
It looked, then, like the war was winding down. The Israeli government had tentatively agreed to a cease-fire deal that would gain Israel practically nothing. Noah and I were both frustrated and worried. All of Northern Israel is darkened and abandoned, Lebanon is bombed back to the third world, and for what? There was talk in the local newspapers about removing catastrophically unfit Ehud Olmert from the prime minister’s office immediately.

The further north we drove, the less relevant talk of cease-fires and parliaments seemed. ...

Michael Oren: “We destroyed a lot of their infrastructure. They had more weapons and more underground bunkers and tunnels than we had any idea. People coming out of there say it’s vast. ... Look at Nasrallah today. In 2000 he did his victory dance in Bint Jbail. He can’t do that this time. His command and control south of Beirut is completely gone. We killed 550 Hezbollah fighters south of the Litani out of an active force of 1250. Nasrallah claimed South Lebanon would be the graveyard of the IDF. But we only lost one tenth of one percent of our soldiers in South Lebanon. The only thing that went according to his plan was their ability to keep firing rockets. If he has enough victories like this one, he’s dead.” Full article, with lots of photos, at the link. (MJT)

From the shooting gallery: Lisa Goldman. Lisa at On the Face: 'As Davide and I drove into Kiryat Shmona on Sunday afternoon, the sirens were wailing; we could hear the thundering of outgoing tank artillery and explosions of incoming missiles. All the businesses were closed, the traffic lights blinked on amber (because who would stop for a red light when missiles were falling?) and there was no-one on the streets but soldiers - plus, incongruously, one large-bellied white-haired man with a slightly mad look in his eyes who wore shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops and stood at the entrance to an apartment building. Those who could afford to leave Kiryat Shmona had done so; the ones left behind were the poor, the sick and the elderly. The nearly abandoned city reminded us of scenes in Hollywood movies set in Grozny - or Sarajevo, circa 1992 ...' (OTF)

Magic Mofaz. The Hashmonean has some favorable words for Shaul Mofaz. (Hashmonean)

Atlas interviews Bolton. Pamela of Atlas Shrugs has an audio interview with John Bolton at the link. (Atlas Shrugs)

Commentary. Twenty-four Israeli cabinet ministers voted to accept the UN ceasefire resolution, explains Debka, while 24 Israeli soldiers died in battle. 'How did it happen that 24 Israeli cabinet ministers who voted to accept the UN resolution all fell into the trap devised by Iran and Narallah? Israeli leaders say the troops will not be recalled until a beefed up UNIFIL force is in place, but no international peacekeepers will deploy without a Lebanese military presence and that has now been checked by Nasrallah. Sunday, Hizballah deployed dozens of fighters for furious anti-tank missile assaults on IDF tanks and field units along the front. Fierce clashes raged just north of the Israeli town of Metula and other parts of the former “security strip” on the border.'

Israel and its supporters must discover whether they have the nerve to win this. We can win, but only if we have the nerve. Our enemies will be watching closely.