Afternoon Roundup

Debka: Bashar Assad threatens war with Israel, Siniora's life.
DEBKAfile: Syrian president Bashar Assad: They said peace was the only way but now, after seeing how Hizballah fought, I see an option. “Syrian hands will liberate Golan.” The Syrian ruler threatened not only Israel but also the Siniora government in Beirut: It’s time to go, he said.

MJT: The storm before the calm. Michael Totten's post describes the events of August 11 and 12.
You have to understand what an Israeli invasion of Lebanon looks like. When Americans go to war they fly to the other side of the world and spend weeks or even months preparing to tackle some fly-blown dictatorship, then push hundreds of miles through enemy territory on the way to their targets. Israeli soldiers just take out some wire cutters, snip holes in the fence, and walk into Lebanon.

Tanks rolled into Lebanon, too. From the top of the Alaska Hotel I could see a whole line of them getting ready to blast through Fatima’s Gate and into Hezbollah’s territory. ...

Noah and I walked down the street to the line of tanks so we could interview some of the soldiers.

A young man with sunglasses and a pierced eyebrow asked me to take his picture. “Put me in your magazine,” he said, “next to the hot models in swimsuits and lingerie.”

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Himadree of The Muslim Woman normally provides profound insights into the lives of women in the Muslim world, and photos of elegant yet modest women sporting the latest in proper Middle Eastern attire. This post is an exception.