Afternoon Roundup

Ligntningbaron: 'BREAKING on FOXNews in the last hour:

Israeli intelligence and the IDF are monitoring "unusual activity" on the Syrian border in the Golan Heights. Syria is removing anti-tank mines from their border with Israel along the Golan Heights, and moving large numbers of tanks to the border at this time. The first step in an armored assault is to remove your own anti-tank defenses, to clear the way for your advancing armor. Any other time I'd assume this is just a feint (posturing), or a re-taking of the Golan Heights (which is bad enough). But the Syrian army has been mobilizing in the last two weeks. Combine this news with Iran & Syria possibly thinking (perhaps rightfully so) that Israel & the U.S. just "blinked" with Resolution 1701 and the cease-fire...and...well....this does not bode well.'

Hezbollah loses two drones: 'The IDF shot down a Hizbullah UAV on Sunday night that had crossed into Israeli airspace. The unmanned aerial vehicle was loaded with explosives. Another Hizbullah UAV crashed near Tyre on Sunday night, due to a mechanical failure.'

Debka: Condi's stark warning to Siniora. 'Rice calls Lebanese PM to warn him that if the UN Lebanon resolution is not implemented, “We will not be responsible for the consequences”. Earlier, Israeli FM Tzipi Livni put in urgent calls to the US secretary and the French foreign minister in an effort to salvage the ceasefire from Iranian-backed Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s 12th-hour retraction of his consent.'

Bomb hits internet cafe in Baghdad. Stratfor (subscription) reports: '1921 GMT - A building In the Zafaraniyah district of Baghdad was demolished after two explosions Aug. 13. The first blast reportedly took place inside an Internet cafe on the first floor of the four-floor building; it was followed minutes later by a car bomb outside, which brought the building down. A third bomb targeted rescuers on their way to help. Some 20 deaths have been reported.'

Hezbollah in PowerPoint.
With the ceasfire set to go into effect in just a few hours, we understand that many people still do not fully comprehend who and what Hezbollah is. We hope this will help.

Hezbollah is an Islamic Shiite terror organization founded in 1982 that was formed to expel U.S., French and Israeli troops from Lebanon; it has since widened its sphere of activity though. Despite being designated as a terrorist organization by U.S. and Canada, being on a watchlist by the EU, and having it be a crime to support and/or identify with the 'militant wing' in Australia, Hezbollah argues that it is a national "resistance" organization. The fact is though, that it has evolved into a substantial global terrorist network. In 2002, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage called Hezbollah the "A-team" of terrorists.

Their fundamental Shiite ideology is baed on both the writings of Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and the radical Shiite-Islamic doctrine conceived by Iran's spiritual leader, the late Ayatollah Khomeini. The ideology is consistent and relentless in its struggle against Israel until the "liberation of Jerusalem" and the annihilation of Israel are achieved ...