Michael Yon on Afghanistan

Michael Yon:
The fact that a US Army general recently invited me back to Iraq to see the situation is indicative of Army confidence that the progress is ongoing and substantial. By now the military knows what readers sometimes chide me about: if invited to a mess, I will report the mess.

My foray into Afghanistan was less positive. In fact, when I contacted the Army Public Affairs in Afghanistan, there was no response. Iraq is not a quagmire and might be a good ally some day, but Afghanistan is a stone-aged disaster. The Iraqis tend to value education, while Afghans value inertia, and while the progress in Iraq is rapid, obvious and palpable, Afghanistan is mostly a lawless giant hunting lodge where our Special Operations people stalk terrorists, but it’s like a managed preserve insuring that the hunters never run out of game — in this case, game that hunts back.

Read the rest at the link. You'll learn a lot about the US and UK press - and about a certain important man who sometimes wears a wig.

Commentary: Just this. You know by now that we can't depend on the Left to provide constructive criticism - or anything constructive - but somebody has to. I'm going to start paying closer attention to Afghanistan.