Afternoon Roundup

Debka: First Qassam launch attempt from West Bank.
Friday night, July 7, Palestinians terrorists set up launchers in Wadi Shaam north of Tulkarm and aimed two missiles at Moshav Zemer east of Hadera. One exploded on the launcher, bringing Palestinian Preventive Security forces to the scene. The missile team fled leaving a second missile primed. It was stamped “Property of Majad Brigades, the name of the Hamas intelligence branch. Israeli intelligence investigated and discovered the two missiles were assembled locally in the West Bank town of Tulkarm: this Qassam’s range is between 6 and 8 km. Hamas is expected to try again to shoot missiles stocked in the West Bank against Israel.

Lebanese authorities find terror plans on al-Qaeda suspect's computer.
Lebanese authorities found maps and bombing plans on the personal computer of an al-Qaida suspect accused of plotting to attack New York train tunnels, a senior Lebanese official said.

Acting Interior Minister Ahmed Fatfat described the information found on Assem Hammoud's computer as "very important."

"It contained maps and bombing plans that were being prepared," Fatfat said in a local television interview.

Lebanese security officials told The Associated Press that they obtained "important information" from Hammoud's computer and CDs seized from his office at the Lebanese International University, where he taught economics.

Stratfor (subscription):
2055 GMT - Israeli Defense Forces fired a missile from an aircraft at a car carrying militants and explosives in Gaza on July 9, the army said. Witnesses said the vehicle was a van belonging to Hamas militants. At least five people were wounded, medical personnel reported.

LGF: BBC bans "dhimmi".
In the discussion areas of the BBC web site, you can call George Bush a chimp, America an uncultured land of Bible-thumping rednecks, and the war on terror a crime against Muslims.

But don’t try to use the word “dhimmi.” [link]

Insty: Jeff Goldstein is down again.