Ben Westlund Update

Reminder: Dreams Into Lightning endorses Ben Westlund for Governor of Oregon.

The Oregonian endorses Westlund's candidacy:
Oregon has issues, and the governor's race during the next five and a half months must have them, too. This election must not be just a daily exchange about who is too liberal, too conservative or too whatever, followed by vague promises of "change," as if all Oregon needs is a different face in Salem.

Oregon needs a real debate about its problems. It needs Ted Kulongoski, Ron Saxton and Ben Westlund to raise their games to a much higher level than we've seen so far this election year. This state isn't going anywhere if the dominant questions remain whether Saxton is more conservative than he was four years ago, whether Westlund is more Democrat or more Republican, or whether Kulongoski can cut public pensions and still be a "good Democrat."

Please. This state is long overdue for an honest, intelligent debate about taxes, education, energy and health care. Oregon is more likely to see that kind of debate if Westlund gets into the race. If you get a chance to sign Westlund's nominating petition, do it.

Westlund campaign opens Portland office:
This week, we posted regional pages to our website to inform Oregonians about our various activities around the state. As we begin to book activities for our summer on the campaign trail, we will continually post new events on these pages.

Since opening the Portland Regional Office, staff in the metro area has hit the ground running in order to keep you aware of upcoming events. Portland's Rose Festival this weekend is a great opportunity to volunteer and have some fun down on the waterfront. For more information visit the Portland Regional Office.

Ben to Speak at Medford Pride:
Ben Westlund will be speaking at the Medford Pride event scheduled for June 10th, 4:00. Medford Pride will be held at Alba Park. As cheif sponsor of SB 1000 during the 2005 Legislative Session, Westlund sought to create civil unions for gays and lesbians and extend non-discrimiation laws to all Oregonians.

Westlund's team of volunteers will be staffing booths at both Medford Pride and Portland Pride. Portland's event is scheduled for June 17-18 in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. If you are interested in staffing booths at either of these events, please visit our regional pages for contact information.

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