Another horrible topic, but one we've got to talk about: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). D.C. at The Killing Zone, this MEMRI item features a woman named Dr. Zarrar who has a few things to say about so-called "female circumcision":
Dr Zarrar: I am not talking about the intellectuals or the elite. I am talking to you about reality as it is, about the people who live in cemeteries, about the reality in which I grew up and lived. I am talking about what happens in South Egypt, about the Nuba, about the peasants and so on. I speak about a reality I am experiencing, along with every woman who has been subjected to the painful and public violation of her honour. I consider this to be a crime, in terms of both religious and civil laws. I condemn whoever tries to defend this. ...

The Prophet Muhammad had four daughters. Did you ever hear any claim that he circumcised any of them?

Go watch the video clip at the link.