Afternoon Roundup

The Crispus Attucks Brigade. Van at Kesher Talk:
The shape of things to come, or a novelty? If nothing else, this story about black groups in Los Angeles teaming up with the Minutemen Project shows that somebody in the black community is willing to part from the conventional wisdom. And you've got to appreciate the historical sense behind the name of the Crispus Attucks Brigade.

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The Penn State Inquisition. Sissy Willis has some thoughts on the Penn State cancellation of Josh Stulman's art exhibition:
"Mesh with the university's educational mission"? Good golly. Last time we checked -- as we wrote recently in our "Reduced by its ignorance into regurgitating regurgitations" critique of the self-appointed "effete corps of impudent snobs" who tend the flickering flame of the Whitney Biennial's delusional "truth-to-power" fantasy ...

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