Afternoon Roundup

Good riddance to Scott McClellan. Gay Patriot:
The White House press operation has done a terrible job of responding to disingenuous reporting. It seems as if the president, quite unlike his media savvy predecessor, thought it was merely the job of the press office to dispense information (as it once had been and perhaps should be in an ideal world where the media’s agenda in reporting the facts rather than giving its spin) and let the conservative pundits and blogs set the record straight. It’s been amusing to read all the false charges the MSM and others on the Left have leveled against the president. It’s been depressing to watch the Administration fail to rebut the better part of them.

Tammy Bruce:
Nice enough guy, but he always seemed to me to be in the defensive, regardless of what was happening. I never got the impression, frankly, that he was in charge of the press room. I realize it's the press secretary's job to 'handle' the press corp, but when they leave the impression there's blood in the water, the press get more brazen.