Signs of Iran attack?

Strategy Page - March 4, 2006
10 Signs That the United States is About to Bomb Iran
by James Dunnigan

1. The U.S. Navy stages a "surge exercise" and moves six carrier battle groups into the Indian Ocean.

2. A "regularly scheduled exercise" moves Patriot Missile Batteies to Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. These exercises happen from time to time, but if they happen when other things are happening…

3. Movement of B-52 and B1B bombers to the island of Diego Garcia (in the Indian Ocean).

4. Deployment of F117 stealth bombers and F-22 fighters to anywhere in the Persian Gulf.

5. Deployment of B-2 Stealth Bombers to Guam, where there are special facilities for maintaining these aircraft.

6. Lockdown of Whitman Air Force Base (where most B-2 bombers are stationed) in Missouri.

7. Increased delivery of Pizza to Pentagon

8. Sudden loss of cell service near some air force bases (from which heavy bombers would depart). At the same time, there would be sightings of Middle Eastern looking guys around these bases, trying to get their cell phones to work, while being observed by what appears to be FBI agents.

9. Deployment of KC-135/KC-10 aerial tankers to Diego Garcia, Guam and the Persian Gulf.

10. America asks nations neighboring Iran for basing and over flight rights.

Strategy Page - March 5, 2006
USN Shifts Subs to the Pacific

March 5, 2006: Over the next four years, the U.S. Navy is transferring six Los Angeles class attack submarines (SSNs) from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Three of the boats will be based in San Diego, one in Bangor, Washington and one in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This will result in 31 SSNs based in the Pacific, and 21 in the Atlantic. Normally, two SSNs accompany each deployed carrier task force. Otherwise, the SSNs are sent out individually on patrols, or specific missions. SSNs have been used increasingly for intelligence collecting work. The shift of SSNs to the Pacific is in recognition of the greater potential need in the Pacific. That means the growing Chinese fleet, and ongoing problems with North Korea and Iran.

Iran boosts submarine presence in Gulf. From the Khaleej Times, via The Sub Report (h/t the indispensable Randy):
TEHERAN - Iran’s armed forces have deployed a new locally-built submarine in Gulf waters, state television reported on Tuesday.

The vessel is named the Nahang, meaning whale, and was “built by specialists in the Iranian defence ministry and has the capability to carry multipurpose weapons for different missions”, Rear Admiral Sajjad Kouchaki said.

“The submarine is fully adapted to the Persian Gulf,” he said, adding that the Iranian navy was pursuing a policy of deterrence in the strategic waters -- home to the world’s largest oil reserves.

No further details on the submarine were given.

Last May state media announced Iran had begun producing its first locally-built submarine. At the time it was called the Ghadir, named after a Shiite religious holiday.

According to foreign military experts, Iran’s inventory of submarines patrolling Gulf waters includes up to six Russian-built SSK or SSI Kilo class diesel submarines.