Night Flashes

Debka reports that Russia has rescued Iran from UN Security Council action: 'The accord was announced Sunday, Feb. 26, by Gholamreza Aghazadeh, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, after two days of talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Kiriyenko at the Bushehr nuclear reactor. DEBKAfile reports: The Russians, by going along with Iran’s demands, have rescued the Islamic Republic from the threat of a US-European-Israel complaint to the UN Security Council. Referral of Iran’s nuclear breaches of the NPT was to have taken place after the critical IAEA board session in Vienna March 6' ... Ramin Etebar delivers a message in observance of Charshambeh Souri: 'For the last 27 years of the Islamic rule, the Iranian New Year Nowrooz, and the Red Wednesday fire Festival, which falls on the last Tuesday evening of the Iranian year, have been the battleground between the Iranian culture of joy, knowledge and life and the non-Iranian culture of mourning, ignorance and martyrdom. The Islamic regime's security forces have tried to reach a compromise each year by not banning the celebrations but declaring only certain official parks in the cities for lawful celebrations. Yet the people and the youth in particular once again turn the Red Wednesday celebrations into a combat zone for the test of forces. As the youth jumped over the bonfires the traditional ancient rhymes were replaced with anti-government ones. ["toop, tank, feshfesheh Akhoond bayad koshteh sheh" " Cannons, Tanks and Firecrackers, We must kill the Mullahs". When it comes to the liberation of Iran, President Bush's words have been perfect. When will his administration's deeds follow suit?' ... it's beginning to sound like a cat-and-mouse game ... Art Spiegelman, where are you?