Morning Report: January 29, 2006

Hamas wins Palestinian elections. Winds of Change offers two views on the recent Hamas victory in Palestine. Armed Liberal reasons that 'if there is going to be peace between Israel and its neighbors, the rejectionist Palestinian movement must transform itself into a real political movement, because real political movements don't have the luxury of living in fantasy worlds - because their actions have real consequences. So one of two things will happen. Hamas will be forced to make accommodations to reality - or it will lead the Palestinian state to destruction.' But Colt isn't thrilled about that second prospect; with Hamas (which, unlike Fatah, gets its funding largely from unsavory sources) in power, 'Hamas becomes indistinguishable from al-Qaeda and the mullahs, or Hamas's PA collapses. Either as a terror-state or a failed state, the territories will quickly become a staging ground for international jihadists. All those terrorists being in one place will make them easier to kill. But a lot of people will be butchered - in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and probably the West - before that happens, all of them unnecessarily.' (Winds of Change)

Labor unrest grows in Iranian capital. Bus drivers in Tehran made good on their threat to strike, reports this thread at Free Iran citing SMCCDI. Reports indicate that many cab drivers and motorists are showing solidarity by flashing their headlights and giving a V for victory sign. Drivers are said to have resisted attempts by bassij (militiamen) to commandeer their vehicles, and there are reports of buses and stations being torched - despite a brutal crackdown by the regime which has led to the imprisonment of as many as 1000 strikers and supporters. (SMCCDI via Free Iran)