Until recently, I've had the luxury of a fair amount of leisure time on my hands - and I've used a lot of that time, over the past year and a half, to work on Dreams Into Lightning. This blog has been, and continues to be, a labor of love. However, for reasons too complicated to go into here (involving a rich uncle who wasn't quite as rich as we thought), my circumstances have changed. So I am moving into a smaller apartment (not far from where I'm living now) and have had to drop out of school. And I've had to find a job ... so it's back to whoring myself on Cubicle Street.

And as you may already have noticed, I've yielded to pragmatism and installed two new features on Dreams Into Lightning: an AdSense banner and a PayPal tip jar. You are cordially invited to make use of either or both of these as you see fit. I enjoy writing and I enjoy blogging, and I'm happy to do it for free - have been up to now - but it's easier to justify the effort if I can earn a little spare change in the process. So please do what you can to keep Dreams Into Lightning in business. Thanks!