Kat in Missouri: The Middle Ground

One of the best and most overlooked political bloggers, in my opinion, is Kat at The Middle Ground. Go check her out. She's got a spiffy new look (yeah, that carpet-like Blogger template was hard on my eyes, too), clean layout, big type, lots of maps, and terrific analysis. Now that she's even easier to read, there's no excuse not to bookmark her and read her on a daily basis. Right now you can catch her latest post on what al-Qaeda really wants:
If we are to understand the Islamist strategy, we need to get beyond such standard fare as "they hate us for our freedoms". They do and it is well documented that adherents of the Islamist doctrine feel that freedom is antithetical to morality. They do want to create a society where they can enforce their puritanical ideology on politics and society. But, that's not all they want. ...

Go read the rest at the link. And bookmark The Middle Ground. It's on my browser, right next to the Belmont Club.