What ever happened to LOVE thy neighbor?

Two thugs calling themselves gay activists are trying to intimidate their political opponents in Massachusetts. LaShawn Barber reports:
A couple of homosexuals say they will publish the names and addresses of people who sign an anti-homosexual “marriage” petition in Massachusetts:

Lang, 42, said the name, street address, hometown and ZIP code of everyone who signs the petition will be posted on the Web site KnowThyNeighbor.org....[Source: Boston.com.]

LaShawn adds, 'Nasty fellows, aren’t they? I hope supporters of the ban on “gay marriage” will be just as aggressive in trying to stop this madness.'

I've got you covered, LaShawn, although I support gay marriage. Never mind the harm these people are doing to their own cause, this kind of stuff is just despicable. These half-wits must be graduates of the "People did this to us in the past and it was wrong, but somehow that still makes it OK for us to do it to others" school of ethics.

Since when is it OK to violate other people's privacy just because you don't like their politics? What possible purpose can be served by publishing these people's personal information on a website? This will accomplish nothing except to breed ill-will and subvert the democratic process.

Wizbang feels the same way:
Let's be honest. There's only one reason, and one reason only, someone puts together a list of people's names and addresses and publishes them. They're not trying to help them win the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes. They're not trying to conduct a demographic study. They're out to intimidate them. They want people to be nervous about affixing their names and addresses to a petition, knowing that someone who disagrees with them and might be prone to violence could just click on a web site and find out where they live.

As I said at the top, I support gay marriage. But if I lived in Massachusetts (and thank god I don't), I'd sign one of these petitions just to get the issue before the people, where it belongs.

Exactly. Read Wizbang's whole post.

I've posted before about the pathetic lengths some self-absorbed gay "activists" will go to, in order to exaggerate and embellish their own image as "victims". This is the cowardly behavior of people who are too lazy for the real-life task of building bridges and goodwill with their neighbors, and find it necessary instead to hide in a shell of paranoia.

This is not "pride". It is cowardice.

Meanwhile, homophobic bigotry and harassment haven't taken a vaction:
Filmmaker Parvez Sharma found more drama at an international conference for gay Muslims over Labor Day weekend than he had anticipated.

Sharma, who is filming a documentary on gay Muslims titled "In the Name of Allah," attended the conference hosted by Al-Fatiha, the nation’s only organization dedicated to supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersexed and questioning Muslims.

The event was held at the Holiday Inn Select in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur, Ga. On the final evening of the event, a hotel employee interrupted the group's awards dinner by entering the meeting room and shouting insults at the attendees.

Those present said the employee, an African-American woman wearing a traditional Muslim head covering, yelled at and berated them. The woman said it was not possible to be gay and Muslim, and that the attendees would burn in hell, witnesses said.

When she left the meeting room, the woman went into the hotel's kitchen. Hotel security was called, and subsequently it was determined that the woman actually worked for the hotel.

It is never OK to go up to somebody who's minding their own business, and start verbally abusing them - regardless whether your motive is political correctness or religious fanaticism. Is this the kind of thing that Lang wants his own pals to be able to do?

Is that what "equality" is for?