I am going to take a break from Katrina-related postings for the sake of my own sanity. Please do not forget to help the hurricane victims. As I've said before, I am refraining from either defending or attacking the President until I feel I understand the situation well enough to do so. Know that, as a Bush voter, I feel a special obligation to take all valid criticism of the President very seriously, and I will not hesitate to condemn President Bush to whatever extent I need to. I have already spoken against the President's flippant remarks about Trent Lott; I'll add here that I think Bush's appointment of a bumbling fool to head FEMA is indefensible. Beyond that, I'm going to wait before saying anything else. I've posted some other bloggers' comments which I feel are relevant. More on this later.

My politics haven't changed. The war against fascism in the Middle East still matters, and the terrorist threat to Americans hasn't gone away - we can be sure of that. The struggle for fairness and dignity for lesbian, gay, and transgendered people - both in America and around the world - still matters too, and so does the worldwide struggle for women's empowerment and well-being.

Of considerably less importance but still worth a passing mention: I've added two new URLs to Dreams Into Lightning, to (hopefully) make it easier for you to find my little spot in the blogosphere. They are:
Of course, if you already have my Blogspot address bookmarked (thank you!) you don't need to do anything different, except now you can tell your friends to visit "DreamsIntoLightning-dot-com".

Don't forget to donate for hurricane relief.