Support for Democracy: Some Surprises, Some Non-Surprises

It might be time for some of us stateside neocons to revise that sterotype of "Old Europe" being a bunch of feudal, fascist-loving troglodytes. Says here that "74% of European respondents, compared with 51% of Americans, want their governments to help establish democracy in other countries." Good on Europe.

Now for the non-surprise: the Glenn Marshall poll finds that among US respondents, 76% of Republicans and just 43% of the hilariously-named "Democratic" party are pro-democracy. This might be 'because the latter associate the "democracy promotion" phrase with Bush, Glenn said.'

Pathetic. The Europeans, the article notes, are wary of American power and dominance. And why shouldn't they be? They're not Americans, after all, they're entitled to their own national pride. But that doesn't stop them from supporting - in numbers almost equal to US Republicans - their own governments' efforts to promote democracy abroad.

Go read the whole thing at the link. I'd rant, but I'm too tired.