A Few Quick Thoughts on Katrina

President Bush has gotten a lot of criticism for the Federal response to hurricane Katrina and for his own statements and actions, from traditional Bush supporters as well as from the "usual suspects". Some of this criticism is deserved, and I've voiced some criticisms myself. But whatever the shortcomings of the Federal response to the hurricane, it's becoming increasingly clear that both the primary responsibility, and the blame for a great deal of incompetence, rest with the Democratic-controlled state and local governments of Louisiana and New Orleans.

The MSM are now trumpeting a poll that they say shows a "racial divide" between white and African-American opinions about the hurricane. The pollsters even managed to work in the "Bush doesn't care about black people" meme.

Did you notice that there's no mention of geographical location on this poll? The news media are paying obsessive attention to racial differences, and yet they haven't bothered to identify the one class of people who might have the best, first-hand knowledge of both the hurricane and the governmental response (at all levels) - the people of NOLA and the Gulf Coast themselves.