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Nick Kiddle is the author of The Iron-On Line. He's 27, a yet-to-be-published novelist, a fan of English football (soccer to us Yanks) and a proud supporter of Scunthorpe United. Oh, yeah, and he's pregnant. All the best to Nick and the little parasite. Have an easy delivery, dude. (Hat tip: Alas.)

What part of "thou shalt not" wasn't sufficiently clear? LaShawn has some thoughts on big-name entertainers and adultery.

What do voters want, anyway? Americans don't need a second Republican Party, agrees Rob Port guestblogging at Wizbang. What they do need is "an opposition party that has ideas of its own outside of knee-jerk obstruction", and a lot more. Read it all, and visit Say Anything.

Mercury goes direct. With that nasty retrograde now a thing of the past, the channels of communication are open once again, and Paula Gaon can finally move that work off the drawing board. Satchel Paige speaks for all of us.

Wanted: Egyptian wife. Must know words to "The Wheels of the Bus Go Round and Round." So, when are you getting married? That's the question Sandmonkey has been dreading ... but fortunately, he's got a few quetions for Mom, too.

Ten things to do with your new bits. Via Beth, we have some musings on how to use the new equipment.