Update - Music Notes

I had a busy weekend, catching the Epoxies Saturday night at Portland's all-ages club Loveland (formerly Meow Meow). The Epoxies were great! So were the Phenomenauts, who also appeared that night.

Sunday night I saw the Indigo Girls at the Oregon Zoo. Another great show! Emily appeared in an AC/DC tee shirt (heh). They're incredible live - it's amazing that two women with acoustic guitars can carry such a big sound. The opening act, Brooklyn's folk band Girlyman, also appeared with the Indigo Girls for a few songs (an Indigo Girls trademark). Amy kicked out some great new material, including the anti-bigotry anthem "Let It Ring".

I've just ordered pianist Jeanette Alexander's new CD, "Walk In the Sun". Jeanette's music is simply lovely and well worth a listen. "Linden" (from her sublime second album, "Still Point") is one of my absolute favorite instrumental pieces, along with Alice Coltrane's "Jagadishwar" (from her recent release, "Translinear Light"). I'm glad I checked Jeanette's website, because my usual retailers weren't carrying the new release and I wouldn't have found out about it otherwise.