Portland Log Cabin Chapter Seeks Members

A Portland, Oregon chapter of Log Cabin Republicans is currently forming and we are seeking members. If you live in the greater Portland area (Oregon and southern Washington), are GOP-affiliated, and support fairness and freedom for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Americans, please contact me either through comments or via e-mail. (That's my e-mail link up there in the right-hand corner of your screen).

Log Cabin Republicans believe in
low taxes, limited government, strong defense, free markets, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. Log Cabin represents an important part of the American family-taxpaying, hard working people who proudly believe in this nation's greatness. We also believe all Americans have the right to liberty, freedom, and equality. Log Cabin stands up against those who preach hatred and intolerance. We stand up for the idea that all Americans deserve to be treated equal-regardless of their sexual orientation.

More at the LCR website.

Oregon residents, you probably already know that SB 1000 - Oregon's civil unions bill - has passed in the Oregon State Senate by a healthy margin of 19-10. Now it moves on to the House, where it enjoys strong support ... but will be opposed by House Speaker Karen Minnis.
Now the fight moves to the Oregon House where Speaker Karen Minnis has pledged to kill the bill.

Don't be fooled: there IS support in the House for this bill. SB 1000 is supported by the Oregon Senate, the Governor and a majority of Oregonians.

Call your representatives now and urge them to support SB 1000 and call on Speaker Minnis to bring it to an up or down vote on the House floor immediately.

Read the rest at Basic Rights Oregon ... and call your State Representative this week!

The Washington Blade has this report on Oregon's SB 1000.