Iraq Report

Lightning into reality. Mohammed at Iraq the Model reports: 'Operation lightning is showing good results in Baghdad and its suburbs one week after it was launched and I guess that this good effect comes from the high coordination among the different departments of Iraqi security forces as well as the multinational forces. The last 24 hours or so resulted in arresting some 300 terrorists and suspects in addition to confiscating amounts of weapons and munitions according to local papers and TV. So, here's a summary of the operations:

In Adwaniya district in Rasheed suburb security forces clashed with a group of armed men and by the end of the clashes 30 militants were arrested and all their weapons were captured. While in Ja'ara and Wardiya near Mada'in, Iraqi forces raided some suspected terrorists hides and arrested 27 of them and found weapons and anti-Iraqi publications.

In Mahmoudia near the so called triangle of death, 32 terrorists were captured and remote control detonation devices were found in the raid.

Also 5 terrorists were arrested in Huriya west of Baghdad, 10 in Jurf Al-Sakhr and Sewairah to the south of the capital. Another 14 terrorists were captured in Nahrawan and 9Neesan districts.' Full details at the link. (ITM)

Art and fantasy from IBC. There are some great posts this June at Iraqi Bloggers Central. Several Iraqi bloggers are asked what they would do if they could spend "Five Minutes Alone In A Cell With Saddam". The answers are well worth reading - but if that's not enough, IBC is also treating us to some wonderful art by Mister Ghost and Diane Carriere. Go check it out.

Sunnis set terms for cooperation. A recent bulletin from Stratfor (subscription service) notes: 'Leaders of Iraq's Sunni Arabs said June 8 that they wanted 25 seats on the parliamentary committee in charge of drafting the new Iraqi constitution or else they would not participate any further in the process. Twenty-five seats would give the Sunnis about one-third of the representation on the council, despite the fact that the Sunni minority largely boycotted the election that installed the council.'

Winds of Change posts Iraq briefing. Via The Command Post:

* American troops have secured a complex of bunkers in western Iraq they claim insurgents were using to hide and resupply themselves. The complex was apparently empty when it was secured, indicating that the insurgents could have been tipped to the raid.

* The Iraqi government admits it is may have targeted innocent Sunnis in its latest bid to restore some measure of security to Iraq. While perhaps understandable given where the insurgency finds much of its support, this admission may heighten tensions between Iraq's ethnic groups and bring the country nearer to the dangers of full civil war.

* Meanwhile, Bill Roggio provides an update on Operation Thunder (aka. Operation Lightning) - and al-Qaeda's even more disastrrous Sunni "hearts and minds" policy. Anbar provinces's leading Albu Mahal tribe is not happy with the insurgents, and intends to do something about it.

Other Topics Today Include: another Al Qaeda leader captured; 38 dead in a day; shutting down infiltration routes; Operation Lighting; Zarqawi's health; helping Iraqi business; Hussein's trial approaches; Carnival of the Liberated; Syria, the U.S. and the EU.

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