Comments Policy

COMMENTS POLICY - Revised and Updated


1. Stupid comments will be deleted.
2. See Rule 1.
3. Language needs to be kept reasonable. Please limit the profanity.
4. Racial and ethnic slurs, sexist and homophobic language, and derogatory personal comments will not be tolerated. Period.
5. Attacks directed against any major religion as a whole are not permitted here. I'm making this a separate item because I want to be clear about this. I do not necessarily consider it "hate speech" to argue that one religion is intrinsically superior or inferior to another - in fact, that's much better than moral relativism. But I cannot accommodate these kinds of debates in my comments, so please refrain from generalizations about an entire religion.
6. My policy on trolls is zero tolerance. Deleted, IP banned, no warnings, no second chance. I'm not going to quibble about "who is a troll". If you think the basic rules of blog etiquette don't apply to you, then you're a troll. People who are unable to conduct a civil debate will have no place in my comments, period. End of story.
7. If you're commenting on an old post, PLEASE identify the post by title, date, or topic. When I check my HaloScan screen for new comments, I only see the comments themselves; HaloScan does not provide a link to the original post.
8. The first comment in a thread, at least, should be on-topic. If the first comment is totally irrelevant it makes me think you don't find my blog interesting and my feelings get hurt.
9. To reach me directly, use my e-mail link, not my comments - it's faster. Bloggers, if you would like me to promote a particular post or blog, please do not use my comments section (or trackback) for this. Contact me by e-mail and I will be happy to help.
10. Nitpicking on trivia is not appreciated. If you spot a factual error, by all means bring it to my attention; but if you just want to tell me you don't think I've used some word exactly right, frankly I don't care. If you want to prove your intelligence, the best way to do it is by showing that you understand the difference between substance and style.
11. Links are welcome, but please provide some context - a few words telling me what it is you're linking (and why I should care) plus a valid, descriptive link label. "LINK" is not a valid label.
12. See Rules 1 and 2.

These guidelines are over and above my regular comments policy. They will be invoked on particularly sensitive or controversial issues.

1. Please exercise an extra degree of civility. Thank you.
2. No profanity. (In this context, "profanity" means anything you can't say on radio or TV.)
3. No off-topic posts.
4. Please limit posts to two per person. (Exceptions may be granted for relevant information. Contact me.)
5. Do not post under multiple screen names. I will be checking IPs.
6, Keep posts to a reasonable length.