UK Election Roundup

Eric the Unread has a few choice words for George Galloway here.

Live from Madchester, Norman Geras deals with pre-election anxiety. He's voting Labour proudly, and without the symbolic nose peg (clothespin).
I will shortly be going out to cast my vote - for Labour. I'm voting Labour because I always have, because amongst the parties (realistically) on offer it's still the party which can most be relied on to look after the interests of working people, and because under Tony Blair's leadership the Labour party supported the war that led to the freeing of the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein's murderous rule. Everyone voting today takes their vote pretty much for granted, and many of those who won't vote today take their right to vote rather too much for granted. But Iraqis also have the vote at last, and this is thanks in some part to Tony Blair, and no thanks at all to the thousands of 'right-minded' people who now despise him and who preferred for their part that Iraq should be left as it was for the time being and until who knows when.

Hear, hear. Norm's not been getting much sleep lately, but keep an eye on his current posts.

Bethnal Green and Bow is the district where George Galloway challenged - and defeated - Labour's Oona King. There are some observations live from Bethnal Green at Harry's Place. Also read his latest thoughts on the election, and his clip from Ali Fadhil on Tony Blair.