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"And most important, Who." Baldilocks has some thoughts on gender and religion. As Gertrude demanded of Polonius, "More matter with less art!" Baldilocks thinks a shortage of males in a congregation may be a symptom of a lack of substance: "I have this theory about church congregations; if there are too many women in the congregation, say more that 55%, the pastor has likely has too much “praise and worship” in his service and not enough teaching of the word and some of its less “uplifting” aspects." She also doesn't share the feminist snarkiness of certain commenters in response to Michael Totten's "Babes of Lebanon". Go check out her post - and her blog.

Sobriety test. The scary part is, I've been there. Also, blondes have more fun; and there's lots of sartorial excitement at a Saturday night party, at Auntie Cracker. (But we never do find out what happened with the guy in the kilt.) (UPDATE: See Comments!)

LaShawn Barber gets in touch with her inner geek again. On the more serious side, LaShawn explores an article by Kay Hymowitz on children and achievement, adding: "Sorely lacking in lower income families is this sense of Mission. The children, sadly, are not the focus of the family unit, especially when there’s no father around. ... It’s cultural, or more accurately, sub-cultural. Lower-income parents, in general, don’t help their children develop talents or equip them with skills necessary to be productive citizens. Part of the reason is that generally, children from lower-income households are raised by the mother and no father, at least not one living with them, and her time is sub-divided between working and/or playing. For whatever reasons, these mothers either don’t understand or care about the Mission." Read the post to find what the exceptional familes - the ones who "get it" - do differently.

UPDATE: Nehring shows why LaShawn was right to leave well enough alone, in that galaxy far, far away ...

Is the internet broken? Dean Esmay tells you the terrible truth.

Ulrich Schnauss claims another victim. Emily is right: "A Strangely Isolated Place" is a killer piece of music; now I'm hooked too. Go visit her meme post to find out why good things come in threes.