Afghan Report

Clerics urge peaceful protests. According to a recent bulletin from Stratfor (subscription service), 'Afghan clerics said May 13 that they support protests against the reported flushing of the Koran at Guantanamo Bay, but also urged protesters not to use violence.' Former State President Sibghatullah Mojaddedi called for restraint, urging protestors not to attack agencies that help Afghanistan. (Stratfor)

Bomber kills three in internet cafe. Afghan Warrior reports: 'A suicide bomb blast in an internet cafe in Kabul killed three people, including a UN official from Burma, and injured five others at 5:50pm local time Saturday. According to some eyewitnesses, the blast hit the internet cafe immediately after an unusual suspect stepped into the cafe. Around 15 people, including three foreigners, were busy using the internet when the bomb blasted. The name of this internet cafe is Park Resident Internet Cafe.' Full details at the post. (Afghan Warrior)