Update: Posting Scheme

I've worked out a rough sketch of the posting schedule I want to follow at Dreams Into Lightning. Of course, even when this is final it won't be set in stone, but it will give me a little bit of focus and will hopefully give you some idea of what to expect:

Sunday: Topical Essays; Africa Report; Escape Velocity

Monday: Iran; Let's Blogroll! (1)

Tuesday: Women; Science & Space

Wednesday: Iraq; Lavender Alert (gay issues)

Thurdsay: Arts & Letters; Let's Blogroll! (2)

Friday: Afghanistan; Culture of Life

Shabbat: no posting

"Culture of Life" will be a regular feature roughly modeled after Winds of Change's Good News Saturdays. It will include cultural, spiritual, and inspirational items inclucing (I hope) a weekly d'var Torah.

"Escape Velocity" will be reviews and essays on science fiction.

Morning Report will continue to appear on a regular basis.

Hope you like the new posting scheme.