Morning Report: April 10, 2005

Belmont Club on the legacy of Haifa Street. Wretchard at The Belmont Club (remember to update your browser with the new site) compares two famous photographs and observes that the famous photo of the Marines raising the US flag at Iwo Jima has received more public scrutiny than the Pulitzer-Prize-winning picture of the two Iraqi election workers being murdered on Haifa Street. In the wake of the recent arrest of an unidentified photographer - found to be in possession of footage of 'roadside bomb attacks on U.S. troops ... shot in a manner that suggested the cameraman had prior knowledge of the attacks' - Wretchard explains that 'the arrow of causality flows in exactly the opposite direction from that which we are accustomed to: not events captured on film, but events manufactured for film.' (Belmont Club)

Debka: Israeli forces told to ignore provocations surrounding Bush-Sharon meeting. According to a recent Debka report, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz ordered his forces to hold their fire despite Palestinian mortar and missile attacks on Gush Katif. This latest round of attacks, Debka says, is for the purpose of 'driving a strong message home in Washington, Jerusalem and Ramallah: whatever Sharon and the George W. Bush decide in their talks at the presidential ranch in Crawford, Texas, matters are no longer in their hands. The two Palestinian terrorists are firmly in control of the Gaza Strip and what they say goes.' (Debka)

SMCCDI: Violent clashes rock central Iran. According to the latest report from Free Iran News: 'Violent clashes happened, this morning, in Darioon which is a suburb of Shiraz located in central Iran. Hundreds of protesters retaliated against the brutal attack of the Islamic regime's militiamen sent to smash their peaceful demonstration. Hand made incendiary devices and pieces of stone responded to the militiamen use of rubber bullets, clubs and tear gas. Slogans against the regime and its leadership were shouted by maverick demonstrators who closed "Shiraz-Kharameh" highway with enflamed tires and construction materials. Tens of demonstrators were injured or arrested by Pasdaran elite forces who were able to establish the 'order' by beginning of afternoon. The situation is very tense in the area and all accesses have been placed under surveillance.' According to Regime Change Iran, there have been more than 1500 political protests in Iran over the past year. (SMCCDI via Free Iran, Iran Focus via RCI)